The Branch annually donates any surplus from its finances to support geographical and related research in greater China.

In 1997, a Scholarship Fund was established to support geography at the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Baptist University of Hong Kong. The Fund provides a sum of money to geography undergraduates or masters’ degree students to support the field work element of their dissertations.

If you are studying for a first degree at any of these Universities in Hong Kong, you are welcome to apply for one of our dissertation awards to fund the costs of your dissertation.  Please apply via the head of your department to the RGS Director.

In 2002, the Society started funding a major post-graduate award for advanced research in greater China.

If you are studying for a doctorial or MPhil degree with need for further funding, please write to the RGS Director for further information.

RGS-HK Scholarship Awardees: 2015-16:

Major Post-graduate Award for Doctorial Research:

Mr Calvin King Lam Chung

(University College London)
“The Greening of Urban Governance in China: A Case Study of Greenway Development in the Pearl River Delta Cities”

Undergraduate or Master’s degree research awards for Hong Kong universities:

Miss Kei Yee Chan

“Retail Space and Social Interaction: A Case Study of Different Generations of Public Housing Estates in Hong Kong”

Miss Pui Yan Chan
“Using WorldView-3 Bands and Vegetation Indices to Investigate Urban Trees Health Condition”

Mr Wan Man Chan
“Particulate Matter Concentrations in Underground and Aboveground Station Platforms of the Mass Transit Railway System in Hong Kong”

Mr Ka Lai To
“User-based evaluation on accessibility and usability of Greening Master Plan: Case studies of Central and Tsim Sha Tsui”

Miss Tianyang Cai
“Cultural Homogenisation among World Cities”

Miss Queenie Kwan Yee Cheng
“Internationalisation of Academic Migrants and their Notion of Home – A Study of Singaporean Academics in Hong Kong”

Mr Kwan Chung Yip
“Theorising and Imagining Urban Communities in Hong Kong”

Miss Yijia Zhao
“Measuring the relationship of public spatial distribution and social well-beings: A case study of Hong Kong”