The Branch annually donates any surplus from its finances to support geographical and related research in greater China.

In 1997, a Scholarship Fund was established to support geography at the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Baptist University of Hong Kong. The Fund provides a sum of money to geography undergraduates or masters’ degree students to support the field work element of their dissertations.

If you are studying for a first degree at any of these Universities in Hong Kong, you are welcome to apply for one of our dissertation awards to fund the costs of your dissertation.  Please apply via the head of your department to the RGS Director.

In 2002, the Society started funding a major post-graduate award for advanced research in greater China.

If you are studying for a doctorial or MPhil degree with need for further funding, please write to the RGS Director for further information.

RGS-HK Scholarship Awardees: 2016-17:

Major Post-graduate Award for Doctorial Research:
Jasper Svensson
(University of Oxford)
“Hydrologic variability and Collective action: Pathways to water security in the Yellow River Basin”

Undergraduate or Master’s degree research awards for Hong Kong universities:
Joseph Miller
“Labour Activism and Workers’ Rights in the Manufacturing Sector of the Pearl River Delta (PRD)”

Nicolette Tan Khee Yunn
“Sino-Foreign Eco-City Investments: An Analysis of Geopolitical Interests, Relationships and Implementation Outcomes”

Yu Wai Ha
“Effect of Organic Fertilisers on Microbial Mineralisation and Plant Growth in Hydroponics”

Samuel Tang Siu Wah
“The Effect of Biogenic VOC Emissions on Atmospheric Response of Ambient Ozone due to Climate Change in the Pearl River Delta Region”

Cheung Yi Li
“The Risk Analysis of the Landslide Susceptibility Mapping by using GIS and Logistics Regression Model: A Case Study in Lantau Island, Hong Kong”

Cheng Kai Lok
“How the Climate Extreme Events Related to El Nino in 2016 Affect Hong Kong’s Socioeconomic Development: A Case Study in Hong Kong”

An award was also made to:                                                                                                          Geographical, Geological & Archaeological Society, Hong Kong University Student Union to support their activities