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Rhinos in Crisis - How HK and South Africa can work together to Fight the Poaching Epidemic

Jennifer Fox, Colin Dawson and African Rangers
Wednesday, 10 Apr 2024
Complimentary Free-Flow Fine Wines from 6:45 pm; Talk at 7:30 pm
The HK Management Association, 14/F, Fairmont House, 8 Cotton Tree Drive, Central
The evening starts with freeflow Drinks with the speakers, and attended by Hon Elizabeth Quat, Legislative Councillor, and Christine Lo, former Legislative Councillor, government minister and founder of the Civic Exchange.

First, we are delighted to welcome Colin Dawson again to give an introduction of how the Elephant Foundation and Rhino Revolution both work to promote vital aspects of conservation, and especially the importance of the next generation and rangers in keeping rhinos alive in the wild.  He also highlights the importance of education and community in the fight against poachers.  Colin has spent many years raising awareness of and supporting the wildlife of Africa, in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia, visiting numerous schools and other organisations.
Next, we are delighted to welcome well-known Banker, Safari Lodge owner and Anti-Poaching campaigner Jennifer Fox.  Following an introduction to why rhinoceroses are special, including their ecology, she talks of the present poaching crisis and the new drastic measures being taken to combat it on the ground in South Africa.
Jennifer assesses the present situation for the rhino and other major wildlife of Africa, including the elephant.  She talks of the very real threat from poaching and why action is needed immediately because of the knock on affects to all of us and wildlife worldwide.  Jennifer also discusses what is being done about it on the ground in South Africa plus, equally importantly, what is being done on the ground in Asia. 
On a positive note, Jennifer explains how everyone is able to help and what can be done by individuals to make a difference to the situation, and how she has been able to influence global law enforcement and government agencies, where she is frequently asked to speak on the subject.
Brief Video of the work done at Koru Camp
Fireside Chat with three of Rhino Revolution’s outreach officers who have flown in for the week, Andreas Nusch, Karabo Chiloane and Admire Ndlovu.  Karabo and Admire have made their first trip on an aeroplane to come to Hong Kong.  They discuss how education is the key in winning the support and hearts of a local population, to bring it back together with wildlife. Without support of the local population, protection of wildlife becomes an almost impossible struggle.  They also discuss the vital work of rangers.
Brief Video to introduce the film Rhino Man


Admire Ndlovu is from South Africa and grew up near Kruger National Park.  Since April 2019, she has worked for Rhino Revolution, initially caring for orphaned rhinos.  Now she focusses on education, especially related to wildlife, to connect children with nature and inspire environmental responsibility.  She organises immersive trips to places like Koru Camp, providing first-hand nature experiences for South African children.
Karabo Chiloane is from South Africa and also grew up near Kruger National Park.  In 2016, she joined Rhino Revolution and works on community outreach programmes near Kruger National Park.  Together with local schoolchildren she runs classroom lessons and educational trips to places like Koru Camp.  These experiences are intended not only educate but also instil a profound respect and appreciation for nature, fostering harmony between humans and wildlife.
Andreas Nusch is Head of Education at Rhino Revolution South Africa, where he is responsible for development, implementation, and monitoring of educational programmes.  He hails from Germany, where he was educated at the University of Applied Sciences.  After a career as a senior civil servant, including at the German Federal Employment Agency, he was previously CEO of Rhino Revolution Europe and then Fundraising Coordinator, Rhino Revolution South Africa.
Jennifer Fox has very remarkably had three careers simultaneously, as a banker, a luxury safari lodge owner and a leading Anti-Poaching campaigner. 
Nearly 30 years ago, her passion for wildlife conservation led her from Hong Kong, where she was brought up, to South Africa, co-founding the Thornybush Private Nature Reserve, to protect endangered wildlife.  Today, she remains one of the chief caretakers of this 14,000-hectare wilderness for wildlife conservation and eco-tourism.
Jennifer is also a former senior Investment Banker, with a Finance career spanning 30 years.  She was one of the founding partners and shareholders of the Thornybush Collection of luxury 5 & 6-star safari lodges, widely regarded as one of the premiere safari destinations in the country. 
She is a regular speaker at business forums, Schools and Embassies around the globe and has a following on her Private Instagram Anti-Poaching page @jennifersafrica of 230,000, with her page being viewed more than 43 million times.  She seeks through her page platform to build a heartfelt connection to wildlife in the hope that potential buyers will refrain from buying illegal wildlife.
Jennifer is an active conservationist, and has assisted Interpol, the US FBI and other law enforcement agencies in the past, as well as government ministers and embassies to counteract wildlife crime.  


Members of the RGS-HK, their guests and others are most welcome to attend this event, which is HK$200 for RGS Members and HK$250 for guests and others, including free-flow drinks. 

The Royal Geographical Society - Hong Kong wishes to express its thanks to The Elephant Foundation. 


The opinions expressed in this talk are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect those of the Royal Geographical Society - Hong Kong.

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