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The Orcas and Humpback Whales of Norway- What happens when the World's Second Largest Animal arrives in your Watery Home

Simon Lorenz
Wednesday, 6 Mar 2024
Drinks at 6.45pm, Talk at 7.30pm
The Executive Centre - Level 35, Two Pacific Place
Complimentary Free-Flow Fine Wines

We are delighted to welcome back to RGS-HK Simon Lorenz, a distinguished nature photographer and shark expert. In the talk, he takes the audience to the north of Norway, beyond the arctic circle, to observe the oceans’ supreme predator, the Orca or Killer Whale, in its natural habitat. 

Every winter, many pods of Orca follow trillions of Herring to their wintering grounds in the deep fjords. In one of nature's amazing spectacles, Orcas and Humpback Whales feed on the Herring schools in dark and icy waters.

While these two whale species are common in these waters, another whale has appeared, that is new to the area - the mighty Fin Whale, the second largest animal in the world. Simon, who is considered the first person ever to film feeding Fin Whales underwater, illustrates and discusses this amazing arrival.

Distinguished underwater photographer, Simon Lorenz, is from Germany and was previously a career-focussed marketing manager. Once he encountered a great white shark, he decided to become an underwater photographer, tour leader, author and dive instructor. He is now a regular author for dive magazines and speaker at events.

His travel company, Insider Divers, offers guided group trips, combining unusual dive experiences with photo training and he also distributes underwater photography products. A seasoned traveller, Simon speaks six languages and has dived in all continents. He operates Pool Portrait, the first underwater photo studio in Hong Kong. Simon supports various marine NGOs and is on the advisory board of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation.

His photographs and articles have appeared in a number of publications such as Sport Diver, Scuba Diving, CNN, Action Diver, DIVER UK, AsianDiver, ActionAsia, Plongeurs, TAUCHEN, Unterwasser, and Dive Pacific. He has received several awards for his photos, most notably German Photographer of the Year in 2018, and is an Ambassador for various scuba brands. Members of the RGS-HK, their guests and others are most welcome to attend this event, which is HK$200 for RGS Members and HK$250 for guests and others, including free-flow drinks. The Royal Geographical Society - Hong Kong wishes to express its thanks to The Executive Centre as the Venue Sponsor of this talk.

The Royal Geographical Society - Hong Kong wishes to express its thanks to 
The Executive Centre as the Venue Sponsor of this talk

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