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Circumnavigating Lantau's Wild Coastline: Coasteering Beaches, Cliffs and Smugglers

Cathy Cole & Charmian Woodhouse
Tuesday, 7 Feb 2023
7.00 pm to 8.00 pm
When Charmian and Cathy decided to circumnavigate around the largest island in Hong Kong, they didn't know just how dramatic their coasteering journey would be.

The Lantau coast is amazingly varied with sandy beaches, rocky shores, pebble beaches, mangroves, mudflats and man-made coastlines. Cathy and Charmian were astounded by the beauty of the rocks that they discovered, showing the geological history of the island. Adding to this coastal story was learning about the history of these shores - the piracy and smuggling that took place and the life of remote fishing villages.  

As they climbed over rocks and swam across remote bays, they discovered the incredible animals and nature that lives on this beautiful coastline. Along their journey they discovered sea caves with bats, and had encounters with jellyfish, birds and insects.  

At the talk, hear more about more about this beautiful coastline as they share their adventures on the shores of Lantau Is,land.  

Cathy Cole is an American born in Hong Kong and raised in Taiwan. She has a BA and MA in Sung Dynasty history and spends her days as a business strategist. She was most recently co-founder and CEO of MOTIF, an edtech start-up in the fashion industry. She is an avid trail runner and open water swimmer. Except for Tibet, she has backpacked through every province in China.  

Charmian Woodhouse is a keen nature photographer and writer. She is avid about trail running and open water swimming, and is inspired by the incredible biodiversity and beauty of Lantau Island, Hong Kong. She is the author of the books Lantau Coast, A coasteering journey around Lantau Island and Lantau Life, A nature year on Lantau Island.  

The opinions expressed in this talk are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of the Royal Geographical Society - Hong Kong.

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