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Annual Dinner 2022-23 "Polar Opposites: From Ice Cap to Desert"

Adrian Hayes
Saturday, 25 Feb 2023
The Hong Kong Club, 1/F, 1 Jackson Road, Central
6.30 pm Drinks Reception, 7.30 pm Five-course Buffet Dinner with unlimited wines
Please note that no blue denim, T-shirts or sportswear are permitted at the HK Club.

The Royal Geographical Society- HK is honoured to welcome again British record-breaking adventurer, mountaineer, explorer, author, speaker, consultant & coach, and documentary presenter, Adrian Hayes.

Kite-Skiing across Greenland from far South to North

One of Adrian’s most remarkable achievements is reaching Qaanaq in North-West Greenland, after a 3,120 km and 67-day kite-ski along the whole island. He had skied the entire length of the highest point of the Greenland ice sheet. For Adrian, this perilous journey using wind power is one of his proudest endeavours, and was the subject of a major documentary The Greenland Quest for National Geographic Channel.

With two teammates, he set out to complete an unsupported vertical crossing of the Greenland Ice Cap from Narsaq on the Atlantic Ocean, to Kocks Fjord in Peary Land on the Arctic Ocean, and then onto the Baffin Sea in North-West Greenland. They not only completed a never before undertaken journey, but also achieved the longest unsupported snow-kiting expedition in the Arctic. Guinness World Records awarded the journey a record.

Crossing the Empty Quarter of Arabia in the Footsteps of Thesiger

Adrian led the first-ever re-enacting the expedition of legendary explorer Sir Wilfred Thesiger across the notorious "Empty Quarter" of the Arabian Desert. Travelling with two Beduin team members, Adrian journeyed by camel and foot from Salalah, Oman to Abu Dhabi in 44 days covering 1,600 kilometres. The expedition, titled " Footsteps of Thesiger", was filmed by Discovery Channel and became a best-selling book.

Adrian recounts the glories and trials of this amazing expedition. He also speaks of the beauty and brutality of the largest sand desert in the world and of the dramatically changed existences of the Bedouin of Arabia during this period. As a former Gurkha officer and Arabic speaker, Adrian was well equipped for the expedition, but found himself even more astonished as he experienced the trials of the journey, by the achievements of Thesiger’s original expedition 60 years previously. With fabulous photographs and film clips, Adrian tells numerous stories and anecdotes from the trip.


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