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From Warrior to Conservationist

Richard Turere
Thursday, 17 Nov 2022
Registration at 6.30 pm; Talk at 7.30 pm
17/F., Lippo Centre Tower 1, 89 Queensway, Admiralty
As a Maasai boy living in the wilderness of the Kenyan savanna, Richard Turere's sole job as a herder was to protect his family’s cows by any means necessary. Lions were his worst nightmare, as they could prey on his family’s cows, which would have caused irreversible financial damage to him and his family.

While many Maasai herders kill lions to protect their source of income, Richard was different, and looked towards innovation to protect both cattle and lions. From a young age, he tried several ideas from setting fires to making scarecrows, before realising that lions are scared of moving lights which mimic the movement of a torch.  

At age 12, Richard invented Lion Lights. He got several used lights and old batteries from cars and started to set up a circuit that made lights flash. It worked. Today, Lion Lights is used in more than 1,000 Maasai households in the Kenyan Savanna. In this talk, he tells the story of his life as a boy herder in the wilderness, the invention of Lion Lights, and his new role as a Maasai warrior and wildlife campaigner.  

As part of its 9th Elephant Week, The Elephant Foundation has brought Richard Turere to Hong Kong to be part of its education programme and Gala Dinner. Colin Dawson from The Elephant Foundation is going to speak about the link between Hong Kong and poaching, and his work with Richard.  

Richard Turere has been a cattle herder since he was a young boy in Kenya. Through good performance at school, he was admitted to the African Leadership University, Kigali, Rwanda, from which he has now graduated. Richard studied Global Challenges with a focus on Wildlife Conservation. The Elephant Foundation helped fund Richard's living expenses whilst in his university years. Richard is now a fully-fledged Maasai Warrior and works in wildlife conservation.  

Members of the RGS, their guests and others are most welcome to attend this event, which is HK$200 for RGS Members and HK$250 for guests and others, including complimentary drinks.  

The Royal Geographical Society - Hong Kong wishes to express its thanks to Tanner De Witt as the Venue and drinks Sponsor of this talk.  


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The Elephant Foundation Gala Dinner 2022  

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Location: The Atrium, Level 39, Island Shangri-La Hong Kong  

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