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Guided Museum Visit "Hunters, Warriors Spirits: Nomadic Art of North China"

Dr Isabelle Frank, Gallery Director
Tuesday, 1 Nov 2022
7.00 pm to 8.30 pm
Banga Gallery at City University of Hong Kong
This fascinating exhibition tells the story of the nomads of North China through the diverse lenses of archaeology, art history and anthropology. It features over 250 artworks from the early 1st millennium BC to the “golden age” between the 10th and 13th centuries AD. These include everyday objects and weapons from the early nomads of northern China, such as the Orochen, Xiongnu, Xianbei and Rouran, presenting not only the ideal relationship between humans and nature but also the nomads’ superb arts and artisanship.

The exhibition was made possible by Mr Hing Chao, Founder of the Orochen Foundation, Dr Isabelle Frank, Consulting Curator to the Banga Gallery and Ms Betty Lo, a renowned collector of Chinese Art.  

Dr Isabelle Frank is currently Consulting Curator at the Indra and Harry Banga Gallery at City University of Hong Kong, where she was previously the Founding Director from 2016 to 2022. She is an art historian by training, with a PhD from Harvard University in Italian Renaissance Art. As Director and now Curator, she has mounted exhibitions combining art and technology which bridge Western and Asian cultures. She has collaborated with such international institutions as the National Palace Museum, Taiwan, the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan, and many museums in France.  

She previously taught at the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, was Associate Dean at The New School and Dean at Fordham University. She has published on Italian Renaissance art and decorative art, including The Theory of Decorative Art 1750-1940, and has edited many catalogues for the Banga Gallery, including most recently, Art Machines Past/ Present and The Atlas of Maritime Buddhism.  


Due to social distancing, this will be a small size trip with reduced capacity. This event is going to be held within our understanding of the social distancing rules of the Government then prevailing. Social distancing regulations will be observed at all times. The opinions expressed in this talk are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of the Royal Geographical Society - Hong Kong.

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