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Gallery Tour at Tai Kwun: "Way of the Sword: Warrior Traditions in China and Italy"

led by Hing Chao
Friday, 2 Apr 2021
2.00 pm - 3.30 pm
Tai Kwun
The event is for members only and is free of charge. Due to social distancing, this event is going to be held within our understanding of the social distancing rules of the Government then prevailing. Social distancing regulations are to be observed at all times.
The RGS is delighted to invite you to join a private tour of the exhibition “Way of the Sword: Warrior Traditions in China and Italy” at Tai Kwun led by Hing Chao, who organised and curated the exhibition.

The exhibition presents a multi-dimensional view of the development of sword and warrior cultures in China and Italy from the Classical period to the Early Modern Age.  Featuring dozens of antique bronze and iron swords and polearms, over 20 historical manuals and manuscripts of the 15-16th centuries, as well as specially commissioned contemporary artworks, it is the first exhibition of its kind in Hong Kong.  Under new media curator Jeffrey Shaw's supervision and artistic input, the exhibition has also a number of original interactive and immersive experiences that invite a more personal encounter with China and Italy’s sword masters and cultures.

Further information on the exhibition is available at the Tai Kwun website, please click here.

Hing Chao is a distinguished explorer, curator and business leader, and is a previous RGS-HK speaker. He graduated with a BA degree in Philosophy at Durham University.  He is now the Executive Chairman of one of the Hong Kong’s major shipping companies, Wah Kwong Maritime.  Mr Chao’s career has pursued a cross-sector career in education, culture, philanthropy and business.  He is also an acknowledged cultural leader and well known for his work in intangible cultural heritage, Chinese martial studies, and the study and preservation of nomadic culture.  

Mr Chao is the founder of Hong Kong Culture Festival and International Guoshu Association, the leading independent research organisation for Chinese martial culture.  He has organised more than 20 conferences and is also the writer, editor, and publisher of several influential martial arts books, including Lingnan Hung Kuen Across the Century, Hung Kuen Fundamentals and Hung Kuen Training.  In 2016, he co-authored and published a companion book for a 300 Years of Hakka Kung Fu exhibition, which is the first English-language research on the subject.

Please note places are limited and for members only.  You'll then receive the detailed joining instructions on Thursday, 1 April. 


The opinions expressed at this event are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of the Royal Geographical Society - Hong Kong.     

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