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Rowing the Atlantic

Lloyd Figgins
Thursday, 10 Jan 2013
Drinks Reception 6.30 pm; Lecture from 7.30 pm onwards
Ming Hua Theological College Lectue Theatre, access off Gleneally, Central
No pre booking required

We are delighted to welcome to the Royal Geographical Society Lloyd Figgins to lecture on "Rowing the Atlantic".  In February 2012, Lloyd Figgins and his rowing partner became the first pair to row the Atlantic Ocean nonstop via the notorious Morocco to Caribbean route. During his 60 days at sea, Mr Figgins had to overcome extreme adversity, including pirates, near collisions with ships, sharks and 50-foot waves. He also conducted scientific research about the marine species he encountered over his 3,200-mile journey, including turtles, dolphins, jellyfish and sharks, all of which are recounted in Mr Figgins's exciting tale of adventure and science.

In December 2011, Lloyd Figgins and his rowing partner, David Whiddon set off from Agadir in Morocco to row across the Atlantic Ocean to Barbados, 3,200 miles away. The lecture follows Mr Figgins's journey from inception, the route he took, through to completion and beyond. It starts with a look at the training required for undertaking an ultraendurance event, including sessions with the England Rugby Team, training in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the mental preparation involved in preparing for a major challenge.

The lecture continues to the expedition itself, which involved at least one of the team rowing 24 hours a day for 60 days 17 hours, the duration of the harrowing adventure. During the crossing, Mr Figgins faced adversity in its many forms and encountered pirates, shipping, sharks, storms and 50 feet waves. However, he lectures not just about man versus ocean, but also about the research he was able to conduct during his journey particularly on sightings of jellyfish, turtles, sharks and cetaceans. During the crossing, Mr Figgins was able to record sightings of Kemps Ridley and Leatherback turtles, Mako and Thresher sharks, Portuguese Man O'war and 4 species of dolphins, including a very rare sighting of a pod of Pygmy Killer Whales. His data has since been mapped, providing a unique insight into the movement and behaviours of the species he encountered.

Lloyd Figgins hails from the UK and is a former police officer. He is now an international adventurer, speaker, citizen scientist and field safety expert. He has led expeditions all over the world and is presently a Director of Earthwatch. In April 2013, Mr Figgins plans to run the length of Britain in a series of 45 back to back marathons to raise money for charity as part of his "Running with the Pack " expedition. Mr Figgins is a natural and compelling storyteller and lectures regularly on his expeditions.
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