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Kublais Kahn The Marco Polo Voyage

Axel Brummer
Friday, 26 Mar 2004
leaving from Aberdeen Boat Club
Friday, 26 March 2004
leaving from Aberdeen Boat Club, 20 Shum Wan Road, Aberdeen 8.00pm
In January 2001, two Germans, Axel Brummer and Peter Glockner, set off on a spectacular land journey by bicycle to China a trip that would retrace the historical route of Marco Polo, the first European to travel to China. The two travellers cycled along Marco Polo's route, arriving in Beijing after 9 months of travel. They have since travelled to Hong Kong by land. The return journey to Venice is to be aboard a historic sailing junk, the Kublais Kahn, based on the vessel of Marco Polo. The junk is to sail, following the trade winds, from Hong Kong to Venice, stopping at all the places that Marco Polo visited in the Middle Ages. Marco Polo's return journey from China to Venice was as adventurous as the outward journey over land from the Yellow Sea, he sailed around the peninsula of Malaka to the Indian Ocean, stopping in Sumatra, Andamen and Sri Lanka before the long sail to Hormuz in Persia, Constantinople and across the Mediterranean. In 1295, he arrived in his hometown of Venice after an absence of 24 years. Axel Brummer and Peter Glockner and their crew are to sail the Kublais Kahn along the same route and complete the retracing of Marco Polo's journey. Axel Brummer and Peter Glockner are adventure travellers from Germany. They have spent the last 10 years cycling and sailing the world, including travelling some 130,000 km by bicycle visiting 120 countries. Members and their guests are most welcome to attend this event, which includes a tour of the junk, a two hour cruise on the junk on the South China Sea, dinner served on board deck with drinks and a short talk by Alex Brummer on the imminent voyage. The cost of the evening is HK$375 for Members and $425 for Members' guests.

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