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Field trip to Nine Pin Islands

Chris Fletcher
Sunday, 22 Jun 2003
Nine Pin Islands
Sunday, 22 June 2003
Timings: Meet at City Hall, Central: 9.30 am
Arrive at City Hall, Central: approx. 5.30 pm
We are delighted to welcome Chris Fletcher, who has led many of our previous successful field trips, for a trip to the Nine Pin Islands on Sunday, 22 June 2003. Professor Chris Fletcher is Director of the Applied Geoscience Centre, Hong Kong University and was previously Head of the Geological Survey in Hong Kong. The Nine Pin Islands are probably the most spectacular development of columnar hexagonal jointing in tuffs in the world, and are reminiscent of the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. The tuffs of the islands were erupted about 140 million years ago during the cretaceous period, a time when dinosaurs roamed the world. It is estimated that approximately 70 cubic kms of ash were erupted during the single catastrophic event which formed the tuffs. This compares with only 2 cubic kms for the Mt. St. Helens eruption and 12 cubic kms for the Kra katau eruption of 1883, which dispersed ash all over the world. The boat trip, through attractive scenery and then open seas to the islands, will take about one hour. First we will visit the North Nine Pin Island to see and walk over the beautifully developed hexagonal columns, some of which have toppled over above a large rock slide. The second stop will be on the South Nine Pin Island at a sea arch developed along a fault. The trip will also include a circumnavigation of the islands to view the spectacular cliff scenery. On the return journey, a stop will be made at a remote beach for relaxation and swimming. A full lunch will also be served aboard the boat. Please bring: Water bottle, walking shoes, swim wear(optional) and appropriate clothing for being outdoors. Cost: HK$250 for Members and $300 for Members' guests. Members may bring one guest on this trip. Please indicate if you would like to bring additional guests and these will be accepted if places are available.

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